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  • We are witnessing the onset of the fourth global industrial revolution, characterized by  the Internet: big data analytics, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, energy  storage and 3D printers.

  • The fourth industrial revolution is special because of the variety of mutual and significant  complementary influences – mass connectivity, an abundance of data, information democratization,  and products and services tailored to a precisely quantified user.

  • The Internet will vastly change both business and everyday life:

  • Drone delivery will greatly lower delivery prices, healthcare monitoring and management will  shorten the expenditure of time in healthcare by 80%, smart measurements, improved product  safety and characteristics, e.g. cars, smart homes and many other developments.

Regional Conference on Digital Medicine

Global trends

Companies that wish to succeed in this intense environment need to redefine their  business strategies to do business in the digital age.

  • The public-private partnership Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) was established by the  European Commission and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and  Associations (EFPIA) in 2008 to accelerate the transformation of the healthcare system in the  European Union.

  • This process has been allocated EUR 5 billion

What are the hallmarks of the future steps in healthcare digitalization and  which direction will it take?

  • Increased availability of medical data (so-called Big Data) in the possession of and created by the

  • The goal is to change the approach to medical treatment oriented to individual illnesses, in which  therapy outcomes are not systematically measured, to a completely new, holistic, and result-  oriented approach.

  • Further channeling and implementation of global and European initiatives at the regional level.

  • Emphasize increased healthcare system efficiency by using and processing available, previously  underused data.

  • One possible outcome is faster and easier provision of the most effective treatment to patients.

  • The Future is Now conference is the logical next step after the great interest generated  by the panel organized by Večernji List and the HIT Conference, Big Data in Healthcare,  at the Weekend Media Festival 2015.

  • It reaffirmed the potential of this type of gathering for realizing concrete projects. There is a clear  common goal to contribute to system improvement and the financial framework of EU funding in  the form of the IMI2 Project and other similar local initiatives.

  • Widespread interest of the healthcare industry (pharmaceutical industry and the CRO) in entering  the IT domain and vice versa. Both are still in the initial stages.

  • Both industries are interested in mutual dialogue and cooperation, and in cooperation with  healthcare administration and potential start-ups.

  • There is a clear common goal to contribute to system improvement and the financial framework  of EU funding in the form of the IMI2 project and other similar local initiatives.

  • The great interest generated by the panel Big Data in Healthcare in our organization at the  Weekend Media Festival reaffirms the potential of this type of gathering to realize concrete  projects.